• What is a Guru but a teacher, a rabbi, a pastor, someone who cares about your inner health?

    What is a Computer Guru but someone who cares about the inner health of your computers?

    With Jeff Krantz, Computer Guru, you get BOTH!!  

    Don’t take my word for it, see what others say: 

    Computer Health, Tutoring & Upgrades

    Computer Relationship Counsel and Healing

    Today the inner health of your computer is truly important, as is your relationship with self. The Computer Guru is there for both!

    By connecting with The Computer Guru through normal channels, you will establish an agreed upon temporal and spatial set of coordinates.

    HOWEVER, after connecting with The Computer Guru temporally, a more permanent, meaningful, and beautiful connection will be established.

    He is a master of powerful computer healing technologies: computer science graduate, Windows and Mac pro, all-device curatives.  He uses his powerful gift of intuition to solve many problems others cannot.

    Get a ‘Spiritual Tune-Up’ for your computer.

    The Guru’s Computer Services:  

    Jeff Krantz, Computer Guru,  provides a variety of services, including: Remote and On-Site Computer Repair (Valley-Based), Maintenance, Security, Technical Guidance, Network Installation & Support and Consulting.  

    Windows and Mac updates. Virus Hygiene (spyware, Firewalls, security). Hardware/Software: Backup/Recovery, More Memory,  a DVD or CD-RW Recorder / Player,  another Hard Drive,  Scanner,  Printer,  Monitor,  Modem,  faster DSL or Cable Internet Service and Networking.

    Call Jeff Krantz the Computer Guru, at 818-625-2178 

    His price is numerologically set at $88 / hour.  Because he is compassionate by nature, if the job takes a half hour or less, he only charges $55.