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    • Be Your Own Guru with this Information

    • The Guru has been there – he’s about to shoot a video of an acolyte’s meditation revelations and (Holy Ashram!) his phone is out of space. Gnashing of teeth suppressed, the Guru knows what to do. It isn’t random deleting of boring photos of dead relatives (they may be reincarnated later – the relatives that is).   To find out your storage hogs, click

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    • If your answer is yes, the Guru has some suggestions.  Decide if you want some specific gadgets or an “integrated” smart home.  You’re likely in the specific gadgets category and here is a suggestion or two. First, what problem do you want to solve or what daily task to simplify?  If you want to adjust your kitchen lights from bed, then get a smart light switch or

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    • Headlines are screaming about hacking and surveillance. Despite this, Google and Apple keep urging us to load all our photos, and sometimes even more precious documents, in an online vault called the “cloud.”  So, what’s a “cloud?”   Simple -  It’s actually just a racks and racks of computer servers, connected at locations all over the world.Guru

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    • About the Computer Guru

    • What is a Guru but a teacher, a rabbi, a pastor, someone who cares about your inner health?

      What is a Computer Guru but someone who cares about the inner health of your computers?

      With Jeff Krantz, Computer Guru, you get BOTH!!  

      Don’t take my word for it, see what others say: 

      Computer Health, Tutoring & Upgrades

      Computer Relationship Counsel and Healing

      Today the inner health of your computer is truly important, as is your relationship with self. The Computer Guru is there for both!

      By connecting with The Computer Guru through normal channels, you will establish an agreed upon temporal and spatial set of coordinates.

      HOWEVER, after connecting with The Computer Guru temporally, a more permanent, meaningful, and beautiful connection will be established.

    • He is a master of powerful computer healing technologies: computer science graduate, Windows and Mac pro, all-device curatives.  He uses his powerful gift of intuition to solve many problems others cannot.

      Get a ‘Spiritual Tune-Up’ for your computer.

      The Guru’s Computer Services:  

      Jeff Krantz, Computer Guru,  provides a variety of services, including: Remote and On-Site Computer Repair (Valley-Based), Maintenance, Security, Technical Guidance, Network Installation & Support and Consulting.  

      Windows and Mac updates. Virus Hygiene (spyware, Firewalls, security). Hardware/Software: Backup/Recovery, More Memory,  a DVD or CD-RW Recorder / Player,  another Hard Drive,  Scanner,  Printer,  Monitor,  Modem,  faster DSL or Cable Internet Service and Networking.

      Call Jeff Krantz the Computer Guru, at 818-625-2178 

      His price is numerologically set at $88 / hour.  Because he is compassionate by nature, if the job takes a half hour or less, he only charges $55.

    • Testimonials

    • Jeff saved the laptop of the CEO of our entertainment company. He came by for 4 days straight during business hours until he got the computer up and running. He's very experienced in what he does. Even when I gave up hope on the laptop, he did not give up! After 4 days, my boss' computer went from not starting up what so ever to fully up and running and working great. I don't know what he did, or how he did it -- but Jeff - you rock.

      I would ABSOLUTELY recommend him to anyone looking to get their computer fixed for any issue -- personal or business. He blows the apple genius bar out of the water. Seriously. THEY COULDN'T EVEN FIX THE LAPTOP. But JEFF did.

      I hope I don't run into any computer issues in the future but let's be honest -- it happens. And when it does, I'll be running back to Jeff.

      Niki R

    • We have been using Biped services for over 10 years. He has repaired our computers, installed softwear and programs, added hardware,transferred data from one computer to another, helped develope a webpage,made our computers more efficient and maintained our network. In addition he has programed our phones, smart tv internet programs and many other electronic devices.He has always been available and answers his calls promptly.
      Rates are reasonable and he is extremely proficient in finding out what the problems are and persistent until he solves the problem. Recommend him for both private and business services.

      Jerry N

    • There are people who help with computer problems, but what makes Jeff special is that he helps you with computer problems you didn't even know you had. I have relied on him so much lately, because he works with computers like I work with my life coaching clients. Normally, the "problem" people come in with is only the symptom. Putting a bandage on the symptom just masks the problem. Typically things get worse before another symptom arises. So, when it comes to my computer, I would rather pay someone who gets to the root of the problem right away - like Jeff. Thank you Jeff for what you have done for my computer needs and how you've gone about it. I appreciate that he is extremely knowledgeable on the latest Windows and Mac computers.

      Filippo Voltaggio